Nuss mit Lustig ("Nut Funny")

Show in German language

A self-confident girl sets out to get her prince on her own. The Czech fairy tale film "Three Wishes for Cinderella" is a must-see for many German kids and adults around Christmas. Theater im Depot presents its own version of this cult classic, with lots of wit and unusual ideas. The plays in the present time, in a gas station in Dortmund. There aren't many customers, but the boss insists that the gas station stays open 24/7, and that's why the poor employee has to work all the time. That evening, at least, two guests drop in: a Czech trucker and a know-it-all family man who has been kicked out by his wife. The three decide not to give in to the blues, and they tell each other a story they still remember from their childhood: it's the fairy tale about Cinderella.

This new version was written by journalist and cabaret artist Stefan Keim, who also directed it for the sake of simplicity. "Aschenbrödel – Nuss mit lustig" (the second title means something that could be translated as "Nut funny!") is like a parody with a big heart. Next to all of the jokes and the action on stae, it's also about how fairy tales have the power to help lonely souls. Even those lonely sould that might be stranded in a Dortmund gas station, at night, in Christmas times.

"Aschenbrödel" is a lighthearted comedy with shows in the mornings and afternoons for families, but there are also shows in the late evening.

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