Beyond Gravity – Reflexionen

Digital Spaces, Digital Bodies — Virtuality and Actuality in Performing Arts

What are the aesthetic potentials of virtual spaces, objects, and tools in the context of dance and performance? In the frame of "Beyond Gravity - Reflexionen", Theater im Depot is opening up a meta-discursive space over two days, as part of the "Beyond Gravity" festival, in which this question is explored from various perspectives. Drawing on both historical and contemporary discourses that deal with the phenomena of technology as an element of social spheres, we also pose questions about the critical potential of artistic engagement with - and towards - this media.

„Beyond Gravity – Reflexionen“ focuses on three core interests that interact with many other aspects. The first is the spatial characteristics of these virtual places – as a model space, as a space of physicality beyond the physical laws of real space, as a space of digitized real bodies and their fields of interaction – within the virtual places as well as with the real spaces, and the bodies acting in them –, and finally as a space of transition. Secondly, it is about virtual places as testing grounds and platforms for the spawning of new forms of life - post-human, post-binary cyborg beings, as well as forms of artificially generated life, and new species. Thirdly, it is about new forms of narration between real and virtual space, about new dramaturgies and new participation and audience concepts - often through an intense exchange with other aesthetic formats, such as role-playing games, film, or computer games. What potential for formulating criticism, and what other forms and understandings of criticality and resistance, does this medium bring to light? To what extent are these potentials of users promoted by the immersive multisensory space of VR/XR technology, and what new orientations do result from these?

The working language ist English.

Admission ist frei, enrollment ist not obligatory.


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