Dear Dead Doctor

Kiraṇ Kumār

»Dear Dead Doctor« is a work of digital documentary theatre inscribed as an inter-generational letter across surfaces of stage, page and screen. Against the backdrop of a dialogue between yogic/tāntrik practices and allopathic medical traditions, two happenings unfold simultaneously: one, a sharing of personal history between Kiran and his grandfather; and second, the live generation of a hybrid digital being through real-time data capture from artists and audience alike. In so doing, the theatre is offered up as a space for personal, collective and collaborative conversation about (dis)inheritance of body-knowledge and (co)conception of shared digital futures. This work is the ninth and final installment in a long-term artistic research »Epistolary Ancestries«, that traces a personal filiation of practice through a corpus of nine open letters made out to and for already dead persons.

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