Die Erregten. Bilder und Worte der Empörung (UA)


In Die Erregten (The Aroused), it's all about word cascades, outbursts, shame and disgrace, truth and exaggeration, unclosed toothpaste tubes, world peace, traffic lights and envy, politics and church, neighborhood and tradition, hate and anger, rage and frustration, happiness and love. All of this happens on stage in a compact and merciless fashion, at one table, within eighty minutes, together with an audience. There will be eating, drinking, sitting and talking. There will be "banging on the table". The furniture becomes a catwalk, a stage, a storage place, a site of negotiation, an altar and a tomb. It is like a "sanatorium of throwing up“ which show—simply put and drastically depicted—the state of a society, of Western society, perhaps of European society, at least of German society. This is where theater comes in—with all the power given to man to produce representation.

The texts are "found footage“ material. They are dramaturgically arranged in such a way that they simultaneously contribute to the rhythmic flow. They come from home, from the Stammtisch, from internet forums, from Facebook, confidential conversations, from speeches and thoughts. They are private as well as public, impertinent as well as banal; yet the texts, the empty words and statements, the insults and compliments, the calls and vulgarities, are only one part of this piece. The other one, rich in images and startling, is the physical. The physical presence of the participants only leads to images and impressions that go beyond the truth, that testify to pain and pleasure, to atrophy and vitality.

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