PARADEISER productions

A radio tale with quirky sounds, dance to imagine, action, and mindfulness to participate in, for people 10 years and older.

Suddenly Æhm is there - they traveled to us from the future, because the freaky-fantastic-fluffy and fair future is in danger! Æhm is a Hæxx, and in search of allies. The mission: to activate the unadults and form a band to save the future. So Æhm ends up in the radio studio of Door and Kylie. But beware, this is also known by the Harthearts, who control the future and try to stop Æhm ...

HURLY*BURLY is a radio tale with quirky sounds, dance to imagine, and mindfulness to participate in. Accompanying the radio play is a high-quality print booklet: a casual workbook (without editing pressure) of inspirations, illustrations, suggestions and questions. In the Telegram chat the makers of the radio play discuss with their listeners and answer questions.

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